Mining Server Software

Server for managing miners

Bitferma mining server is a software/hardware solution which is designed to control and automatically solve problems arising during the operation of mining equipment. It automatically informs the client about the state of the system at all times including system block in case of dangerous situation (e.g. overheating).

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  • Monitoring and support of miners operating modes at the manufacturer’s recommended level
  • Data analysis and auto decision-making to eliminate issues associated with chip failure, motherboards, decrease in performance, etc.
  • System lock in case of dangerous situations (e.g. overheating).
  • Bulk overwrite pools on all types of mining equipment (simultaneous change of pools on an arbitrary amount of equipment).
  • Miners system indicator reading with a frequency of once/per minute
  • The data obtained is divided into independent elements and based on this analysis and calculations are carried out
  • The system has a set of specific rules and a decision is made regarding each miner based on data received.
  • Increase of up time period of mining equipment
  • Reduce downtime and, as a result, minimise lost profits
  • Reduction of human resources costs (1-2 people per 600-1000 devices)
  • Up to 60 days of data storage with monitoring
  • Standard execution – servicing up to 400 devices
  • Extended performance – servicing up to 1000 devices
  • MAX – servicing up to 2000 devices

The software has a user-friendly interface with the ability to customise individual user modes. If required, we can provide an online presentation of our equipment via TeamViewer.

Warranty 6 months.
Available in our warehouse in Moscow.

Server operation examples

Центральная панель
Отображение текущих данных с подсветкой проблем

Central panel with current problems. Green displays solved problems (further hidden from the panel), other colours show current problems of varying degrees of importance.

Displays current data highlighting issues. The flexible system of data display filters helps to display only the indicators you are interested in.

Пример автоматического решения проблемы по уменьшению хеша
Выборка относительно сбойных плат хеширования

Example of automatic solution of hash reduction problem. The figure shows a sequence: a sharp decline in indicators — automatic reboot — solution of the problem.

Sample about failed hashing cards. The boards have ceased to appear in the system and work. Red highlighted candidates for repair.

•	Поиск устройств с проблемными чипами

Search for devices with problem chips. Quick analysis of a specific type of problem.

Example of equipment grouping and summary of issues of different importance.