High product quality is the key to successful operation

Bitferma consists of two divisions:

Design and Development

The first division is where our new ideas come to life. It is a scientific and technical research centre, where our engineers, designers and programmers collaborate to improve Bitferma.ru products, enhance operational performance and create new models. The department also houses the workshop where control cabinets for mobile farms are assembled.

Container assembly

The second division is responsible for transforming sea shipping containers into mobile farms, as well as mining rack production.

Containers are assembled as part of a four-step process:

  1. Preparing containers for hardware installation: cutting out windows, installing doors and bars, painting and drying.
  2. Assembling the rack cabinets and utility hook-ups. Assembling the control cabinet.
  3. Hardware installation in: arrangement of partitions and ventilation systems, rack cabinets with utility connections, installation of automatic switchboard and air filter.
  4. Test run.

Products shipped straight off our production line

After installation of a mobile farm at the client’s site, our technical specialists carry out the unit’s launch and provide all necessary employee training. We can also configure and connect the customer’s mining equipment if required.

Since last spring, we have been able to achieve stable production of over 60 containers per month, and this number keeps rising. We also continue to develop the concept of mobile mining.

We only employ the most experienced professionals, as their high level of qualification guarantees the highest quality of our products.

We strictly monitor and control every production phase, from design to the handover of mobile farms to clients

We are open to new collaborations, so if you want to learn more about mining container manufacturing, please contact us to schedule a visit. Bitferma manufacturing facilities are located in Skhodnya district (Khimki, Moscow oblast)

Manufacturing area: 1,500 sq. m.

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